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When is the honeymoon over?

As a new leader for an organization, the honeymoon is over when you begin to change things. Let’s admit it…the board hired you. They picked you out of a broad slate of candidates. There were things about you or your background that set you apart.  But once you begin to change how the organization is structured, you start to affect people your board members  have ...

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Entering into a new organization as a leader. Advice to myself.

I had the opportunity this summer to enter a well-regarded academic health care organization as its new leader. This is not my first institutional leadership role….and you get better at figuring things out quickly. However, every organization has its own culture, and a big part of a being a successful leader is getting the transition right for that organization.

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Why Healthcare Needs More Women Leaders

Originally posted on June 30, 2017 Recently, Modern Healthcare published its list of the 50 most influential physician executives and leaders. The list included only seven women. There were seven in 2016, nine in 2015, and eight in 2014. Women comprise less than 10 percent of that list. As you will see, the math does not add up. Women make up more than 50 percent ...

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