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Hospitals Can Work Together to Detect—and Deter—the Drivers of Poor Health

Originally posted on September 29, 2016 By Joanne Conroy, MD, and Susan Dentzer In a recent post on WBUR’s CommonHealth, two doctoral students pleaded with Boston-area hospitals to collaborate on a joint community health needs assessment, as each is required to do every three years under the Affordable Care Act. As the CEOs of two organizations deeply engaged in ...

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The Medicare Maze: Observation Stays, Nursing Home Costs, and “Invisible Patients”

We have all been traveling and have found ourselves party to a conversation because of proximity or bad cell phone etiquette. Some of these conversations are irritating, but I was looped into an interesting one the other day. Sitting in the Charlotte airport, two older men who looked like they were returning from a golf vacation started talking about enrolling in ...

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Can We Put the Hospital Marketing Genie Back in the Bottle?

I am old enough to remember when physicians did not advertise. It was considered a professional ethical issue. Hospital advertising consisted of institutional “We’re here” ads.  Anything aggressive by docs or hospitals was considered bad taste… but that was before health care became as competitive as any other type of business. I have been barraged, as have many ...

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